About Us.

Yehudah Design is a Marin based web design firm dedicated to giving everyone a chance at having a beautiful website. Read more about our brand promise or our core values.

Our Core Values

We work with a set of values near and dear to us. These are standards that we strive to integrate into every part of what we do here at Yehudah Design.
a firm adherence to a code of moral and artistic values.
the quality of being fair and truthful no matter what we are doing.
having information, understanding, and skill that comes from experience and education.
being able to truly listen to our clients needs and translate them into their website accurately.
the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something.
the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.

Our Brand Promise

We are committed to providing small independent businesses with high quality websites at a fair price.

By aligning our core values with how we work day-to-day Yehudah Design exceeds expectations, providing a superior product. When Yehudah Rice designed his first website in Highschool, he knew it would be a way to change the world. Giving a voice to those who would otherwise be lost in the age of expensive websites and gadgetry.