What We Do.

On the surface it is pretty simple, we build beautiful websites to exemplify your companies strong points and attract clients.

Our Process


On average we met with you four times throughout. We are however flexible understanding often times many people can meet fewer times or prefer to meet more often. Aside from the meetings you are always welcome to email or call us with any questions or comments.

Length of Projectsample-image

One of the most asked questions we get is how long this entire process takes. The answer is highly dependent on two factors: 1. The scope of the project 2. Communication, if you are on top of communication responding within a reasonable amount of time it has a huge effect on the overall amount of time the project takes. The entire process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. Let us know what your deadline is and we will make sure we can get the website done on time.

Charges & Paymentssample-image

All fees are built into the price we agree upon in the planning phase and that we sign on in the contract. Typically you are charged a 25% retainer fee at the begging of the project and are expected to pay the remaining 75% by the last meeting. We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash, and payment via Pay-Pal or Bitcoin.

Ready to Get Started?sample-image

Send us an email at [email protected] telling us a bit about yourself and your website needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you.

Technological Features

Clean & Modernsample-image

By instituting clean and modern design in all the websites we create at Yehudah Design we ensure your website will attract as many new customers as possible.


Every website we make is mobile optimized, to ensure that anyone viewing your site will get an ideal experience whether they view it from a computer, phone, or tablet.

Template Basedsample-image

Every single website we produce is template based. Instead of spending hours of our time and your money to create the backbone for each website we use pre-made, top tier, high-quality templates.

Cleint Editabilitysample-image

You need to have the ability to edit your own website easily and efficiently, we provide that with CushyCMS. CushyCMS is an easy to use content management system we integrate into all of the websites we make.


Here at Yehudah Design we value face-to-face interactions. We want to ensure what we are doing is personal and the only way we feel that is possible is by truly meeting our clients and seeing their place of business.

Cost Effectivesample-image

We provide you with top of the line service at a fraction of the price by following guidelines such as using template based websites and Unplash databases.


Color palette, Font, and even a new logo are just some of the features we provide when it comes to branding. Building a captivating website is important but before focusing on that we need to create a brand.


Smart design and cool features are essential, but the quintessence of our websites are functioning. Our top priority is to code a website that runs at the highest level possible.