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Yehudah Rice

I was always irked by the notion, “Leave your emotions at the doorstep of your work”. I think it is what sets us apart from the robots. I draw on my experiences in my work. This is what makes me a great communicator ( I am not the only one who thinks so ) and an effective ‘techie’.

Yehudah Rice

In high school I took an intro to HTML class …

It was there I learned what a ‘div’ tag was, how to change a screens max size and other fundamentals. My first website was nothing more than an image of my sister and I with the heading, “Family”. Since then I have spent seven years making progressively more complex websites and embarking on dozens of web design projects. Yet I still have the same zest for web design I discovered that year. My current mission is to help small businesses looking for affordable yet competitive web design.

Slug Pace
Tzvi Perlow

Slug Pace

Check out my blog to read about my adventures, from hiking the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail to sailing on a Tall Ship for a month.

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