The Process

Over the years I have distilled my process down to four primary phases. A new project can take anywhere from 1-2 months as we move from phases to phase, together, until your handsome new website is published.


of websites users come from mobile devices. Making sure your website is ‘responsive’ to every device configuration is a priority [source].


BILLION websites on the internet. Most of them get almost no visitors. What makes your website stand out? [source]


is the average cost of a website project I take on. As apposed to the $2,000 – 5,000 it costs to create a ‘basic’ website from other web designers [source].

The Four Stages

01. Concept Phase

In the concept phase I will meet with you in person to hear about your goals and vision for the website. If there is a physical location I will also take this time to soak up your on-site atmosphere with the intention to translate that into the website. As we solidify some parameters for the website I will present a basic layout reflecting our brainstorming session and my own research. 

02. Design Phase

Once we agree on a basic layout and discuss it I will start developing. This is the most ‘labor intensive’ stage. As I make edits to the design I will also be inserting and creating your content. This may include: images, copy, blog posts, and more. During this phase we will be in constant contact to discuss edits and make adjustments accordingly.

03. Test & Training Phase

As the website starts taking shape I will begin testing it on various browsers and devices. Quality assurance testing ensures no matter who is viewing your website they receive an optimal experience. I will also share a link of the beta version of your website for you to share with friends, family and existing customers so you can get their input.

During our meeting I will walk through the website with you and spend time teaching you how to use it. This will include basic items such as posting a blog. If it is an e-commerce website we will spend several meetings going over the considerably more complicated nuances of running an online shop.

04. Publish & Debrief Phase

In this final phase I will make any last minute edits during a concluding meeting and finally, publish the website! Once your website is live for one to two weeks I will meet with you one last time to discuss the overall process. This provides me the opportunity to learn from each new project I take on.

Increase Your Traffic

With an endless deluge of daily users it is as important to attract the right users to your website as it is to increase your traffic. After a few in-depth meetings with Jan, the owner of Cats Cradle Boarding & Grooming, I was able to ascertain their target demographic;

  • Age 25-65
  • Within a 20 mile radius of the business location
  • Cat owners

Armed with this kind of information I can tailor your websites SEO and copy to help attract new visitors to your website. Once you start generating traffic it is time to improve your conversion rate.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

As of 2016 some 80% of all web users are accessing websites through their phones. If a website doesn’t load within 3 seconds a user is likely to navigate away. Many websites are too convoluted or oriented too poorly to be of much use. These facts can be advantageous or detrimental to your business. By improving your websites mobile design, call to actions, and user flow I can help turn a casual website visitor into a new client.

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Budget Friendly Web Design

Cost Effective

Top of the line services at a fraction of the price by utilizing existing code and other open source resources.

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I value face-to-face interactions to ensure what we are doing is personal and that every party has a voice. (local web designers near me).

graphic design

Mobile Optimization

To ensure that anyone viewing your site will get an ideal experience whether they access it from a computer, phone, or tablet.

Secure Your Website


Keeping your website and data safe is a priority.

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Hit Your Target

Reach your target audience and hit your business goals.


Cloud Based Solutions

From Google Drive to Adobe CC I make sure you have the technologies to compete.

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What good is a pretty website no one can use? I make function and aesthetics a priority on every project.

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Web Standards

Stand apart by implementing the latest web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Stay up-to-date and keep your website worry free.